One of the first things you’ll see on our website’s front page is the promise, “we work to restore your home to its pre-damage condition as quickly as possible.” Underneath that commitment you’ll find the categories Water Damage, Smoke and Fire Damage, Professional Carpet Cleaning in Missoula, and Mold Removal In Missoula.

No, we aren’t going to recite to you every single element of our local restoration company’s website, we are just in the business of telling people looking for Missoula restoration services where exactly they can find them.

We are also in the business of providing exceptional service, no matter what your specific disaster restoration need might be. Whether you are looking for a sewage cleanup company, storm damage services, a commercial restoration company, black mold remediation, or are looking for a local fire restoration contractor, we’ve got you covered at HiCrest Restoration & Clean. We work on both commercial and residential projects, and (as you have read above) are also one of the top carpet cleaning companies in western Montana.

What Positive Reviews Mean To Us

Today’s post is dedicated to highlighting a few testimonials and positive reviews we’ve recently received. Why would we take the time to let you know what folks are saying about us? Because real people, our actual customers, have taken the time out of their days to do that. It only follows that we would stop to brag about some positive reviews, after all.

Testimonials and positive reviews are the lifeblood of our disaster restoration company. When people of Missoula, or anywhere, really,  are pleased with a service or product, their first instinct isn’t to tell the world about it. The first instinct is to simply carry on with one’s day. You paid your hard-earned tender for that product or service, and that’s about as far as the relationship with the vendor needs to go in most cases. We certainly understand that sentiment, and it is exactly that reason why we want to showcase just a few glowing testimonials to our readers and prospective clients. We want you to know that when you work with Missoula’s best restoration company, you get a company with a staff that is absolutely dedicated to getting you the best possible outcome for your unique situation. Keep reading if you are ready to learn more about us at HiCrest Restoration & Clean!

“They Are Quick, And Extremely Friendly!”

“These guys are fantastic!! Made the carpets in the apartment I moved out of look beautiful, they are quick, and extremely friendly! Ill recommend Hi Crest to anyone that needs their carpets cleaned!” Courtney Ann Gilley, August 23, 2017, Five Stars, Facebook HiCrest Restoration And Clean Reviews

Thanks, Courtney, for taking the time to let us and our prospective customers know about how your experience was while working with HiCrest. While we focus a lot of our time and space highlighting our range of restoration services, we remain adept in our carpet cleaning services. We are the top rated carpet cleaners in Missoula for good reason, so give us a call the next time you are in need of residential or commercial carpet cleaning services! Thanks again, Courtney.

“Most Helpful Is They Filed The Claim For Us For The Full Amount”

“I am beyond impressed with how the techs at HiCrest have taken care of us every step of the way. They have explained the steps of what they were doing and why. Most helpful is they filed the claim for us for the full amount instead of us fighting with our Insurance Company. We are truly thankful!” – Anna Martin, HiCrest Testimonials

Anna, it is our pleasure to assist you throughout the entire process. When things go wrong in your own home, it can be an emotionally trying experience for the best of us. We try to go above and beyond what your average disaster remediation company would do so that you can feel taken care of and comfortable once again. We make a point to be as communicative as possible throughout the cleanup, and it is nice to read that Anna noticed those efforts. Thanks, Anna, we appreciate your kind words!

“I would Highly Recommend Them For Anyone With Pets”

“My carpet is cream-colored and after several unfortunate episodes with my dog it was looking pretty bad. There were spots I was unable to get clean. After HiCrest carpet cleaning it looked like new again and smelled even better than new. Their service was quick and efficient. I would highly recommend them for anyone with pets.” – Frances Turner, July 14, 2017, Five Stars, Facebook

People leave negative reviews on a product or a service received when they feel they haven’t gotten value for what they paid for. Our expectations do not align with reality. This makes sense. But, as we mentioned above, when people take the time to let the online world know how pleased they are about a company they’ve worked with, it means that much more to anyone who reads it (we hope, at least). That’s why glowing five-star reviews like this one written by Frances Turner speaks volumes to us, and, ideally, you. So the next time you think of searching for “carpet cleaning near me”, all you need to do is give us a call instead! Thanks for the kind words and your business, Frances!

“The Finest Restoration And Cleaning Service In Western Montana”

“David is a highly-skilled professional. David’s wealth of knowledge and experience make HiCrest the finest restoration and cleaning service in western Montana.” – Aaron Paginiano, July 13, 2017, Five Stars, Facebook

Thanks, Aaron. We absolutely agree; David is a highly-skilled professional with years of experience when it comes to a variety of needs. Got burst pipes? We can handle it. Need a commercial fire damage expert? Check. Are you in need of an area rug cleaner that won’t damage a family heirloom? HiCrest has you covered there, too. To that last point, check out what our very own Ricky Wilson posted with regards to a recent area rug cleaning project we performed. As Ricky noted, “Cleaning area rugs at our shop has several advantages for our customers. We can take the time to deep clean your rug in a controlled environment, and dry it in less time. Plus, our service includes free pickup and delivery, and we fully guarantee the best job possible, because our customers deserve nothing but the best!”

We won’t add anything to what Ricky has said here, except to say that we appreciate your business, Aaron. And thanks for taking the time to let others know what kind of nearby restoration company we really are!

Consider HiCrest Restoration & Clean

We are located in downtown Missoula, but our northern Idaho and western Montana restoration service area is vast. Stretching from Kootenai National Forest up north, to Helene Lewis and Clark National Forest to the east, Bitterroot National Forest to the south, and all the way to Moscow Montana to the west, we feel pretty comfortable making the claim that we’ve got you covered. So whether you are in Butte, Helena, Great Falls, Lewiston, Salmon, Dillon, or Whitefish, give us a call if you have an issue that takes restoration experts. We are available 24 hours a day, so if you have an emergency, we’ll be there for you. Contact us today and get special deals for first-time visits!